From a Coptic Version (Transcript) of The New Testament

I have written with my hand, and the writing bears witness to me, because one day I shall leave it and depart. With what strength my hand has written, when my hand shall perish my strength is still there.

And there is no scribe that will not pass away, but what his hands have written will remain forever. Write nothing with thy hand but that which thou wilt be well pleased to see at the Resurrection. I wrote, and I thought there was no harm, because my hand will perish one day, and its writing will remain. And I knew that God will bring it forth to-morrow: what then – O that I had considered – what defence will it make? The Lord Christ, may He cause this holy copy to avail for the saving of the soul of the wretched man who wrote it. And lighten the eyes of his mind to know the mystery of his interpretation and the understanding of his spiritual secret, and make him worthy to strive in knowing for himself and him who shall read in it.

published in      December 11, 1898   


Reproduced with permission from: DE KERKKLOK   July, 2008: an electronic monthly magazine of the Mother of God Dutch Orthodox Church, Utrecht, Netherlands.

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