The Christian Family Committee is organizing family talks by Drs. Emile Joseph and Alice Tawfik on Fri.& Sat., August 3-4, 2012.  (See below for the Family Retreat on Sept 22-23)

Friday:    Topic in English About psychological needs and types of personalities – S&G group and everyone over 19 years of age.


Time:       7:00 pm sharp

Saturday:       Topics in Arabic with some English

Topicsالصوره الذاتيه وعلاج صغر النفسا   "Low self-esteem and treatment” and  الغفران والخضوع بعضنا لبعض  “Forgiveness and submitting one to another”

Time:       12:00 N until 7:00 pm – Program includes discussions, questions, free outdoor time (weather permitting) & fellowship

Food:       Free Coffee break. Pay for the BBQ, pizza and salads on site

Babysitting:      Will be provided for children up to grade 8.


Our 2nd annual family retreat is on Sept. 22, 23rd @ the beautiful Mount Mary Retreat in Ancaster by Dr. Nabil Baki from California. Please give the deposit of $100.00 to Houba Antoun. The cost per adult will be about $120.00 but children will be much less. The first retreat was a memorable one

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