The Sunday School Curriculum had been migrated from the old website to this website. It can be found here

This has been the most requested item for early migration. Please note: an update has temporarily relabled some of the links in the publications and sermons area. To download publications, click on "notes" (which should read "PDF"). Proper labels will be restored soon.

Update: the above link was broken after an update to the module that contains the publications. It has now been fixed, but is not guaranteed to continue to work (this is an announcement, its relevance was only intentded to be short term). The correct way to find the curriculum is to select "publications" from the menu on the left. Choosing Rizk Abdel-Malek from the  "speaker" (or author, depending on version) drop down will shorten the list of publications you need to scroll through to find it to one. Selecting "books" is another way to narrow down this list.

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