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Second Annual Summer/Bible Camp


The Christian Family Committee is planning our second annual summer/Bible camp.


Who:       Children in grades 3 – 8, to a maximum of 30 children


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Website issue

Downloading for all publications and sermons has broken. Listening to sermons still works. This is due to an update from the third-party plug-in that organizes both. A support request has been placed. In the mean time, most of this content is still available at the old version of the website.

Update: A work-around has been implemented. The buttons for "PDF" or "listen" are very hard to read at the moment, but it is working again.

Update 2: The buttons are now readable. 

Sunday School Curriculum

The Sunday School Curriculum had been migrated from the old website to this website. It can be found here

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L.A. Diocese on the eligibility of diocene bishops for the papacy

The clergy of the Diocese of Los Angeles, under H.G. Bishop Serapion, have released a statement on the ineligibility of diocean bishops for the Papal election:

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