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Excerpt: "...I read with amazement and puzzlement the article referred to above, in which you claim that the Council of Nicaea approved the transfer of two bishops (Eusabius and Eustathius) to larger dioceses. Would you kindly give us a reference to confirm this claim? One assumes that someone who aspires to become the 118th Patriarch of Alexandria should be familiar with the writings of the previous Patriarchs..."

Fr. Athanasius refutes H.E. Metropolitan Bishoy's artcle "Did Judas Partake of Holy Communion?"

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Excerpt: "...I am not going to argue about the main thesis you present which is against what St. John Chryostom says, but I will ask your Eminence: can you produce any Patristic proof of what you are proposing? The more serious problem with the article is what I underlined: they were eating the Passover which they had prepared. Allow me to offer to your Eminence what St. Peter seal of the martyr and 17th Patriarch of Alexandria wrote about this 17 centuries ago..."


The statement regarding the eligability of Bishops for election as Patrarch recently released by the Diocese of the Southern United States under H.G. Anba Youssef is available at, and is reproduced below:


Fr. Athanasius' latest book, "Defending the Holy Virgin Mary", is now available as a PDF for download here.

Recently, there has been great controversy over the nomination of bishops as candidates to become the 118th Pope of Alexandria. Begining this weekend, an open letter to H.E. Anba Pachomious will begin circulating in many Churches in Canada. This letter requests that the next Pope be selected from the monks, as the canons of our Church require.

Please visist to read articles about this issue, read the letter, and consider signing the letter (online or at Church).

Note: this is NOT a petition making a demand. It is an open letter in love, proclaiming the truth.

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