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We ask Thee and give thanks unto Thee, O Master, Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Who abides forever.  Who dwells in the Light before all ages, Light of Light.  Enlighten, O Lord, our minds and our hearts: enlighten our understanding, that we may understand Thy life-giving words.  And raise us from the darkness of sin which kills the soul.

And make us worthy to be upright in well doing and goodness.  And at Thy second Parousia, which is fearsome, to judge the world: May we be worthy to hear that voice which is full of joy and rejoicing and comfort and pleasure and bounty, out of Thy divine mouth saying: “Come to me, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”  Yea, Lord, our God, straighten us, that we may be in that day and that hour without fear, and without spot, and without trembling, and without falling, and unmoved.  O Lord, take us not according to the multitude of our iniquities: forgive, O Lord, all of our sins, and our trespasses, and our errors, and our stumbles.

And take away from us, O Lord, and from all the world the death, scarcity, the destruction, the perdition, and the captivity, and the sword of the enemies, and the counsel of satans, and the evil of burning and drowning, and the crookedness of the wicked, the injustice of the authorities, and the power of those who oppose us, do Thou abolish.

O God, Thou art our Lord and our God, have compassion on us and cast us not into the seas of infirmities and the paths of affliction: rather straighten our ways, and cover us and raise us from groaning and weariness, carelessness and laziness.  And let not the enemy and Satan encourage us by too much hope: rather raise our minds and awaken our hearts from the sleep of slumber and the wasting1 of the life in vain.
O God, forgive our iniquities and forgive us our transgressions: Remember not our sins nor our errors.  Be not angry with us, and let not Thine anger be forever

Have mercy upon us, O Lord, and have mercy upon us: for we are weak and needy, and we are drowning in the seas of sins.  Behold, we cry unto Thee, and worship Thee, and confess to Thee, and desire Thee.  Cut not our hope in Thy mercy, and shut not the door of Thy mercy in our faces: rather, by Thy grace save us: straighten our ways according to Thy mercy: and Thy royal voice announce to us.

God, purify us and our hearts from the malicious evil, and defiled counsels: O Lord, abolish from us the dreams, the phantasms, and the demonic thoughts.  Raise us, O God, from every stumble and calamity: Confirm in us, O God, patience, hope, love, and the orthodox faith: count us among the right hand sheep.  Seat us with those who recline in Thine heavenly banquet, forgive us every iniquity, every sin, and every stumble. 

Surround us by the encampment of Thy luminous angels: for we have no salvation save in Thy mercy, in our trust in Thee, our faith in Thee, and our hope in Thee.

Receive from us, O Lord, our petition at this present time and at all times: and all of those who have bidden us to remember them in our supplications, our services, our prayers, and our commemorations (the living among them and the dead), remember us, O Lord, and them with good things in the heavenly Jerusalem, in the kingdom of heaven, and (on) earth. 

Wipe out, O God, our sins, and those who sinned against us, forgive them with us according to Thy command.

O Lord save all our souls: O Lord save Thy people: bless Thine inheritance: shepherd them and be with them forever.  Deliver those who are in trouble, affliction, and distress.  Loose those who are bound by the bonds of demons.  Satisfy the hungry with good (things): comfort those who are small in heart and soul.  Raise those who are fallen: confirm those who are upright: return those who are astray.  Feed the widows and the orphans: Care for the rescue of the needy.

Give blessing to the fruits of the earth, good temper to the air, growth unto the trees: the waters of the rivers raise them.  Bless the dews and the rains: give sufficiency unto the needy: the debtors pay for them.  Gather the scattering of the separated. 

Receive unto Thee the repentance of those who repent: receive unto Thee the confession of the Confessors2: Give understanding to the catechumens.

Execute judgement, O Lord, to those (suffering) injustice.  Fill our hearts with joy and rejoicing and comfort and gladness and abundance, that, having sufficiency in every thing, we may abound in good and pleasing deeds.

Bless, O Lord the corn by the graces of heaven: bless the crown of this year with Thy goodness.  Bless, O Lord, the sower and the grower (of plants) and the reaper, even as Thou hast blessed the corn of the children of Israel in the sixth year.

Bless, O Lord, this, our congregation and all the congregations of the orthodox peoples.  And keep for us and unto us the life and the standing of our father, (and) master, the Patriarch Abba _____, the high priest of this time: save him, O Lord, and save his people from (all) evil, temptations and sorrows.  And also his partners in the apostolic service; our fathers the priests and our brethren the deacons, and our fathers the hegumens, and our fathers the metropolitans, and our fathers the bishops and our fathers the monks and our brethren the lay people.  And those who have come and participated with us in this prayer- and all the prayers of the Orthodox- now, entreating for the forgiveness of their sins and (for) mercy for their souls: bless us and bless them, make us and them absolved: forgive our sins and their sins; the past and the present: those that are their own and those that are not: those of the night and those of the day: the hidden and the manifest.

O Lord, edify the congregations continually, and the holy churches: the orthodox wildernesses and the elders who dwell therein: their deacons, their overseers, and those who are in them.  May hope, peace, love and agreement be among them.  Humiliate the evil enemy under our feet and their feet.  Let him not have a share in us or in them; neither by a left (hand) blow nor by a right (hand blow).  Keep them by Thy exalted hand and Thy strong arm.

Deliver us, O our Master, from the evil temptations and the snares laid up; those that are seen and those that are unseen.

Remember, O Lord, our fathers and our mothers: our brothers and our sisters, our families, and our neighbours and our teachers and our children in the spirit and in the flesh, and all the children of Baptism.
Remember, O Lord, those who have laboured in fellowship with us.  Remember O Lord, those of whose labour and toil we have eaten and drunk, and have housed us in their dwellings, (and) have given to us.  Repay them, O Lord, for the temporal, the eternal and for the earthly the heavenly.  Their houses and their stores fill them with every good thing.  Repay them, O Lord, instead of one, thirty and sixty and one hundred: and the forgiveness of their sins in the kingdom of the heavens.

Remember, O Lord, those who have done good to us and to our brethren the poor in all forms of good (things) out of love towards Thee and honour concerning Thine holy Name, bless them.   

Remember, O Lord, those who have care for the sacrifices, oblations, the wine, the oil, the firstfruits, the incense, the coverings, the gifts, reading books, and all the vessels of the altar.  Repay them, O Lord, for their gifts by the forgiveness of their sins.  Give them, in this age, the happy life and in the age to come eternal life.

Remember, O Lord, our fathers and our brethren, who have already fallen asleep, and departed, and reposed in the upright faith in Christ.  O Lord, repose all their souls in the bosom of our holy fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: in the region of the living forever; in the Paradise of Joy.  But we, the living, help us with the salvation of our souls, and manage our lives according to Thy good will.

Graciously, O Lord, remember my weakness and my lowliness and my smallness, I, the sinner, who is suffering and unworthy to stand between Thy hands.  Because of the multitude of my sins and my stains, despise me not.

Raise, O Lord, the horn of salvation of Thy people by the sign of Thy life-giving Cross.  Thy salvation, O Lord in trouble, and Thy help in grief and humiliation.  Save us, O Lord, and save every one in trouble: and the sick of Thy people heal them.

And make Thy people, the Christians who are with us and who are not with us be blessed and forgiven by Thy divine mouth, from the east to the west and from the north to the south.  Accept us unto Thee like Thou hast accepted the right hand thief upon the wood of the Cross, and granted him the Paradise of Joy.
Remember, O Lord, the orphans and the widows, those who are laid down, the sick, and those who have no one to remember them.  Remember us, O Lord, with them in the heavenly Jerusalem.

Remember, O Lord, those who are standing, and those who are paralysed: those who are bedridden and those who are cast away.  Those who are travelling by land, sea, the cliff, the desert, the valleys, the roads, the heads of the mountains, the hills and the caves.

And those who are in dungeons and prisons, and those who are in captivity and exile, those who are bound and those who are tied by the bonds of the authorities and the demons.  Return them and bring them all back to the haven, safe, victorious, profitable and gainful, healthy in soul, body and spirit.
My Lord Jesus Christ, make this, our prayer to be acceptable before Thee without hypocrisy, without boasting, without haughtiness of heart, without pride and without shame.

Help us, O God, to please Thee: help us to do Thy commandments: help us over the drunkenness of death, and (what is) before death and what is after death.  For Thou art a Good God, patient, and plenteous in mercy and compassion.

God, make the door of Thy church open before us across the ages and the times and to the end of all times.  Have mercy upon us, O God, according to Thy great mercy, through the intercessions of her (to whom) belongs intercessions, the jewel of purity and blessings (who is) full of honour, our Lady of us all, and the pride of our race, the Virgin of virgins, the pure Mary.

And the honoured martyr, the evangelist, Mark, the Apostle, the preacher of the land3 of Egypt.   And all the angels, the fathers, the prophets, the martyrs, the saints, the righteous, the ascetics, the struggle bearers, the athletes, and (those) who pleased the Lord by their good deeds, since Adam and to the end of the ages.
We worship Thee, O Holy Trinity: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: Now and at all times and unto the age of ages.  Amen. 

1 Literally, Destruction.
2 Those persecuted for the faith.
3  Literally monasteries of Egypt

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